Episode 65

by Brian on April 6, 2014

Chris and Brian return, with an episode recorded in the Hater Cavern – also known as the EndGame Cafe to be. Full of coffee, booze and fried chicken benedict (what!), Chris goes on the attack with shameless Evil Hat and EndGame updates. Brian stumbles, but defends himself with recent play from Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, Morrow Project and Conspiracy X. We love project managers.




Episode 64

by Brian on December 16, 2013

2013’s Not Dead Yet! Chris and Brian turn up the scotch and recover from Turkey Day by chatting recent gaming, what we’ve been up to, FATE (of course) and Chris puts Brian on the spot for opinions on the FATE Worlds books.  Season’s Greetings, and recorded 12/1/13.


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Episode 63

August 16, 2013

We team up with Robert Fulkerson of Found in the Alley podcast for a double-length GenCon episode. GenCon cause it’s on and we’re not there, but we ramble on about Crafty’s Little Wizards rpg, Pelgrane’s 13th Age,  and Wick’s Wicked Fantasy before heading off to talk large format L5R games and hacking Green Ronin’s A […]

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