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by Chris on August 19, 2006

As I get older, my life is changing. That may seem and sound obvious…but when you are in the middle of it, it really takes some effort to step back and notice it. I don’t have hardly any free time anymore that isn’t taken up with family or work. My days off are usually more hectic and fatiguing than my days at work. I am constantly distracted, and really don’t have much of a chance to sit and concentrate for long periods of time. My hobbies are suffering to the nth degree due to it. Why? Most of my hobbies require at least some “quiet time.” Painting, reading, what have you get really, seriously challenging when you have a 3 year old Moose like mine tearing through the house…or a 13 year old who needs a certain degree of hand holding to to get his school work and such done. I am not complaining, I am just starting to understand where my limitations lie.

Pardon me, I had to stop for a brief tickle attack on the Moose.
I think a lot of gamers my age are facing very similar issues. Time is scarce. That kinda leads to the real point of this post: As a gamer, I am finding keeping up is getting harder and harder. I am interested in SO many of the things coming out right now, but only have time for a scant few. I would kill to be in a regular Dogs game, or dabble in The World of Darkness. Maybe run a Shadowrun Campaign…or play in some True20. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of attending to all the minis I own..unpainted and unloved. I have been trying to make more time to paint, but as I get busy with other things, painting get shelved. Any progress I make in terms of skill and speed needs to be relearned constantly. In this time, more and more minis come out that excite me, and I feel more and more behind. Now, I have found myself playing more board games. I am totally starting to see the appeal of opening up a box, learning some rules and being able to finish in a night.

I think as a whole, that is where our “industry” is at. SO much new product on a weekly basis that your average gamer must be feeling overwhelmed. More product makes it harder and harder for companies to do business as they always have. Some are shutting down. Others are trying to innovate, and find new models and methods of getting product in front of people. But damn, do I personally feel lost in my own sinkhole of interests. I have really been evaluating my own time in the hobby of late, and it may be time to do a purge. I can’t play with all the minis I maybe it’s time to unload them. Will I really have a chance to touch my Battle Fleet Gothic minis again? Seriously doubtful. My Mordheim? Even less likely. Flames of War? Maybe…

I just have to wonder if anyone in the industry sees it? Maybe. The lack of CCGs coming out leads me to believe that someone has noticed something. Then I look at companies like Rio Grande. Holy crap…when are they going to realize that they need to retire some of the backlist, and slow down with the front list. I guess I dunno if I do have a point for this post. It’s coming across kinda ramble-y. I just hope the industry sees where this might be heading if I am not alone. The “corrections” we are facing are long from over.

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