Episode 12

by Brian on February 24, 2007

Brian chats with gaming luminary Kenneth Hite and replacement Chris “Not-rahan” Bennett. We discuss the recent DunDraCon 31, more improv and rpgs, post-game analysis, Brian’s crazy large convention game, and Kenneth’s upcoming projects Trail of Cthulhu and others. Plus shout-outs for plenty of upcoming Conventions.

Liner Notes

Introduction [0:39]
DunDraCon 31 [1:46]
Chris’ Improv Experiences [18:06]
Debrief Sessions [33:15]
Brian DDC Game [43:08]
Kenneth Hite’s Recent Projects [54:07]
Last Thoughts [1:14:20]


Kenneth Hite’s Out of the Box
Esoterrorists and Gumshoe
Spirit of the Century
“Walls Crumble, Honor Endures”
ConQuest SF
ConQuest Sacramento
Ronin Arts
Pyramid Magazine On-line
GenCon Indy
Pan Theater (Improv by the People for the People)

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sam February 25, 2007 at 4:39 am

I got episode 11 when I downloaded this ep. It also plays ep. 11 when clicked. It might just be my browser, but I’m not sure.

Brian February 25, 2007 at 9:47 am

Whoops! That’s my bad, Sam – I liked to the wrong file. Sorry about that all.

The link’s been corrected, and the real Episode 12 is now available!

sam February 26, 2007 at 12:53 am

Beware the power of the quantum, it will gigaflop you over its shoulder. Seriously though, after our session I was really happy with the SotC rules set. I think it allows alot of leeway to let players do most things crazy which I feel fits pulp really well. I’m not sure how well the rules would suit a gritty environment though I intend to find out.
I also really like how aspects and fate points key the GM on what’s important to players/characters.
For instance, you understood immediatly that the players wanted a blimp explosion upon a player’s narative swap of helium for hydrogen.
Even in your self proclaimed “off-days” you run a really fun session.
ps: I’m really digging this entire “say yes to players” mantra. I’ve been bringing it to my home campaign for the last couple of months and it’s turned what used to be a more confrontational rules opposition game to a more light-hearted and fun game where players feel enabled (although still fear the reaper…. as it is DnD).

Chris Bennett February 27, 2007 at 5:23 pm

>>Even in your self proclaimed “off-days” you run a really fun session.

Yeah Brian, can I sign up for an entire campaign made up of your “off-days”?

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