Episode 13

by Brian on March 6, 2007

In lucky Episode 13, we talk a bunch of miniatures games with Chris Ruggiero, the EG Flames of War guru and all around nice guy. Conversation covers recent play (Spirit of the Century, Wushu, and Mountain Witch), Flames of War 15mm WWII minis, Infinity – the science-fiction skirmish game, and rounds out with some WH40k chatter.

Liner Notes

Introduction [0:40]
Recent Play [1:19]
Flames of War [9:57]
Infinity [23:23]
WH40k thoughts [36:50]
Exit, and Good Night [49:23]


Spirit of the Century
The Mountain Witch
Godzilla Gaming Podcast
Flames of War
Flames of War D-Day book
Infinity the game
WorldWorks Games terrain
Warhammer 40K
Dakka Dakka

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Chris Pramas March 6, 2007 at 5:03 pm

A minis show, wohoo!

Regarding the FOW strategy, I think they decided that selling army books a la 40K wasn’t working as well as they wanted. By doing big theater books they’d be producing books that any serious player would want to buy. Previously they’d do a book like the Italians and you can be sure it sold a lot less than the DAK book. Doing one bigger book means lots of people will need to buy to get their army lists, plus it lets them do more niche stuff like Hungarians and Romanians in a way that won’t lose them money. Although I’ve been playing Blitzkrieg Commander instead of FOW lately, I’m still going to check out the Normandy book to see what it’s like.

Derek Hyde July 30, 2007 at 9:07 am

I just came across your podcast, downloaded it all and went back to the earliest episode that iTunes would let me have and started there and instantly became a fan, you covered a bit on Shadowrun (which is my worst addiction) and also had some great notes on Infinity, my local game shop wanted to get into it but is having trouble with getting the international orders thing from spain. If you could, drop me an email with the info I can pass on to the owner so that I can get it going here. The biggest thing I like about infinity is that we actually stick to very real Line Of Site rules, down to using laser pointers for ability to “see” the target. Any suggestions on good terrain and pricing to order some infinity figs from your stores?

shink1m November 14, 2007 at 10:19 pm

Good day, sirs! I was planning on starting a local Infinity The Game (ITG) community here in the Philippines so I was surfing for whatever info I can get on the game; and stumbled onto your site. I listened to the podcast immediately and got hooked even more.

A big concern though, as you mentioned it is hella hard to get these in the US, it will be apparently more difficult to get it here. I was wondering if maybe we can order through the shop you mentioned in the podcast? Please let me know of any information regarding this.

Much thanks, sirs ^_^

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