Episode 16

by Brian on April 24, 2007

We talk with returning guest Chris Pramas, of Green Ronin Publishing, on an array of topics, including Green Ronin news, the business of D&D 4th edition, rpg publishing models and Dungeon and Dragon magazines. We round out with three fly-by reviews of Scion, Nine Worlds, and Beast Hunters.

Liner Notes

Introductions [0:36]
Green Ronin News [1:13]
Recent Play [10:17]
Speculating D&D 4e [15:02]
Dungeon & Dragon mags online [29:00]
Review – Scion [46:00]
Review – Nine Worlds [54:50]
Review – Beast Hunters [58:00]
More Upcoming Stuff and Good Night [1:01:50]


Green Ronin
Ars Magica
Scion: Hero
Nine Worlds
Beast Hunters

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Dustin Cooper May 8, 2007 at 9:35 am

That was a great show!!! The talk about what WotC could do about D&D 4.0 was very interesting. If I could have a say about what they should do, I would suggest that they dump all of their stuff and support Warhammer FRP! 😉

I have been telling my friend to play the latest Warhammer because of his disappointment with D&D. I kept telling this is what D&D should of been like. It finally took me to buy him the main rule book for his birthday and now he is a believer. They really did a good job with that game when they revised it. Unlike D&D, when they suggest rule alternatives (like with encumberance or hit locations) you really feel like it is okay to not use the main rules (unlike 3.5 which says “you do not have to use these rules, but after all, we did dedicated 40 pages to this subjec”t).

Thanks again!


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