Episode 19

by Brian on June 30, 2007

We spend an entire episode chatting Star Wars gaming to celebrate the whole 30th anniversary along with the recent releases of Star Wars Saga Edition and Pocket Models. Perhaps our geekiest episode evar.

Liner Notes

Introductions [0:36]
Star Wars Roleplaying History [1:58]
Review: Star Wars Saga Edition [8:08]
Review: Star Wars Pocket Models [19:24]
Star Wars Miniatures [27:17]
Star Wars – With Other Systems [33:19]
We Exit – Like Dorks [39:06]


Star Wars Saga Edition
Star Wars Pocket Models from Wizkids
Star Wars Miniatures from WotC
All Systems Lead to Star Wars discussion on RPG.net
GMSarli Games for non-random Star Wars miniature packs
Star Wars RPG – WEG edition (out of print)
Our Voice Mail # for the Show: 510-931-6249

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Chris Pramas July 5, 2007 at 10:50 am

The thing that briefly rekindled my enjoyment of Star Wars was Knights of the Old Republic. That game felt so much more like Star Wars than anything in the terrible prequels. I even decided to try running a KOTOR RPG campaign with the second version of the d20 rules. I chose…poorly. Should have stuck with the old WEG game. That campaign crashed and burned in less than two months. Since then I’ve heard from a lot of True20 fans who have used those rules to run Star Wars games. True20 didn’t yet exist when I tried the KOTOR campaign though.

Irate Squirrel July 5, 2007 at 12:08 pm

The current set has a lot of old school ships, X-wings, Nebulon B’s, Corvettes etc. It gives me flashbacks to the old X-wing video game which along with Mechwarrior 2 is probably my favorite video game of all time.

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