Episode 20

by Brian on July 9, 2007

A round-table discussion recorded live at Origins 2007. Chris Hanrahan, Paul Tevis, Ken Hite, and Fred Hicks crack open some booze and discuss the show experience, games that caught their eyes, the Luke Crane Origins Award re-enactment, 80s Gay Werewolf Porn, Jungle Adventure! and more.

Liner Notes

Pop The Cork: Introductions [0:36]
Food and Wine: Burgundy Room [2:24]
The Origins Experience [3:47]
Burning Empires Origins Award [5:00]
What Ken Saw [8:30]
Aces & Eights [10:49]
Witch Hunter: the Invisible World [13:48]
IPR Booth Experiences [19:45]
Chris talks Battletech [21:45]
Ken Buys some Books [24:42]
Paul Plays Games [29:10]
More Food [32:40]
Fred Plays some Games [34:08]
Terror Works and Con events [38:40]
More Convention Thoughts [49:10]
Goodbyes and Good night [53:03]


Have Games, Will Travel 
Ken Hite’s “Out of the Box”
Evil Hat Productions 
Origins International Game Expo
Burgundy Room
Indie Press Revolution
Carry, a game about war 
Aces & Eights
Witch Hunter: the Invisible World
Catalyst Game Labs 
Our Voice Mail # for the Show: 510-931-6249

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Eric Wiener July 18, 2007 at 11:04 pm

Hey guys, thanks for the kind mention! Witch Hunter: the Invisible World was a great success at the show, but Psionics of Arcanis was our best seller at the show and Living Arcanis remains the big unheralded smash hit of every Origins.

We also messed around with old-time looking style sheets, and we opted for a clearly readable format.

Brian Schoner July 19, 2007 at 10:23 am

Again, thanks for the nice words on Witch Hunter. The WH artist you were discussing is Pat Loboyko (low-BOY-ko), and he is indeed awesome. 😎

Pedro Barrenechea July 19, 2007 at 1:44 pm

Hay guys thanks for the mention…..

You know next year at Origins, run you all though a Arcanis Adventure (or hell you all should come by and see the Battle Interactive.. it’s crazy)

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