Episode 21

by Brian on July 16, 2007

As part of the “Conventions Isikoff Didn’t Attend” series, Brian talks to returning guest and game designer Chris Bennett about Go Play North West, Reign, Burning Wheel, Galactic, game design, the Game Chef 2007 contest, and food.

Liner Notes

Introductions [0:36]
Go Play Northwest! [1:11]
The Reign rpg [4:10]
Burning Wheel [9:18]
Primetime Adventures [12:45]
Galactic playtest [15:17]
The Princes’ Kindom [17:40]
Shout Outs! [18:47]
Game Design(ers) [21:21]
Game Chef 2007 [26:50]
Technomancer Press [35:47]
Talking Food [37:09]
Coming Attractions and Goodnight [40:11]


Go Play Northwest!
Greg Stolze’s Reign
Arc Dream Publishing (Godlike and Wild Talents)
Burning Wheel
Dog-eared Designs (Primetime Adventures and upcoming Galactic)
CRN Games (The Princes’ Kingdom)
Play First
Game Chef
National Novel Writing Month
Worldwide Adventure Writing Month
Technomancer Press
B Restaurant
Lynn & Lu’s Escapade Cafe
Bay Wolf
Elysian Brewing Company
Espresso Vivace Roasteria

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