Episode 3

by Brian on August 28, 2006

Our third episode. We dive into talking about GenCon Indy, with Chris bringing plenty of learnings – including the pdocasting seminar. We cover a cornerstone of our GM tips with “Consider Yes”, and end off with a review of Privateer Press’ new release, The Port of Five Fingers.

Liner Notes & Links

Introduction [0:39]
GenCon Indie ’06 – Chris’ Report [1:10]
GMing – Consider Yes [44:11]
Review: Five Fingers: Port of Deceipt [57:08]
Doogie Hauser and Goodbye [1:05]

Privateer PressFive Fingers: Port of Deceipt
Dogs in the Vineyard
Total Warfare for Battletech
Monte Cook’s Ptolus
Pieces of Eight

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Zentr August 29, 2006 at 7:29 am

Regarding feedback on what I want: Obviously, you both have a passion for and experience with roleplaying. It would be a shame for either of you to not talk about it. However, personally (atm) I don’t care to hear about roleplaying stuff. I would rather hear about all sorts of games: boardgames, minis, card games, etc. For example, right now I want hear about Dreamscape, the game and the response on the street. I enjoy Chris’s insight into the business, but maybe that is just for Ogre Cave (which is how I found out about this podcast). I think your podcast will be the best and will be sustained when it suits your passions. Whether or not your podcast is for me still remains to be seen. I’m hanging in there. But I have been forwarding past all your roleplaying stuff. I’m sure I’m in the minority. : )

Chris August 29, 2006 at 8:25 am

Hey Zentr,

Thanks for your honesty! While role-playing will be a focus, it won\’t be the only thing we do. Episode 4 has a _really_ long interview with one of the Brush Thralls, Finn Kisch. He spends a bunch of time talking about Minis painting and his favorite game, Warmachine. So we will indeed mix it up. As for dreamblade, I will add that to the commentary for the next taping. I have played 3 games in about a week, which is huge for me. I would be happy to talk about it.

Again, thanks for putting up with the crap you dont like. We havce started adding a time code to make that easier. We also have plans to bring on EndGame\’s Flames of War guy, and our Board Game buyer. So, there should be some stuff coming up for you.

misuba August 29, 2006 at 10:39 am

I think FU I’m Awesome really shines when you consider the ways in which players often shut each other down. Some might say a rule like this takes power away from the GM, but it really doesn’t; it takes power away from rules lawyers. I also had the thought that FU I’m Awesome tokens might fit into more games if there were a switch, either player-controlled or GM-controlled, that says when you can use them and when not – similar to Shadow of Yesterday, in which a player can only die when switching to the more detailed task resolution in Bringing Down the Pain.

Great discussion, guys. GM Fiat kills babies. I think Luke Crane said in his interview at Treasure Tables that he designed Burning Wheel just so that he himself wouldn’t get the opportunity to be such a hard-charging, railroading GM.

Alex August 29, 2006 at 12:50 pm

Chris thanks for the show, I wish I lived in Oakland, just to come to your shop…

I’m really enjoying the show, but here are my $.02

I know you have ogrecave, but I definately want to hear more industry stuff. And not so much about who is releasing what (only in context of “industry” as I’m about to explain,) but how the industry is functioning, what it needs, what it can do, what we “the commoners” can do, where we can go to do that which we need to do, etc. I would love to see a growing vibrant gaming industry, I believe its possilbe. The dinosaurs seem to be shedding their old habits (atleast a little,) and the new blood seems to be getting stronger. But there still seems to be this distinct commitment to the comfort zone. How do we break the mold, yes the forgites/IPR etc. are doing a lot, but I’m not even sure they can do enough. You, Chris, are in a unique position (that most other game store owners aren’t in) to rally the forces, brandish your pendant of glory, your sceptre or triumph, and lead a charge against this world of mediocrity… Ok, sorry, let turn done the melodrama.

Thanks Alex
(for both of your shows)

Brian August 29, 2006 at 9:58 pm

Wow – lotta commentary. Thanks ya\’all! :)

As for as future, as I frequently kid Chris, I\’m a dabbler in minis and board games. I dig the roleplay. That said, I do enjoy a share of minis and other interesting games. Our next show is actually pretty minis heavy – in addition to a great interview with a Golden Daemon winner, we\’ve got a review of Cadwallon (of special interest to Confrontation, etc. players). For the future, we\’ve got features such as the FoW discussion Chris mentioned, along with discussion of how to run a minis campaign.

The Dreamblade game I mentioned in the podcast was fun. I\’ll try to get another few in and talk about it. Hell, it\’ll likely be Chris and I playing …

GM Fiat … heh. Well, tha\’s another upcoming topic. I dunno – I don\’t think it always kills babies. I think it\’s a tool like any other – it can be used for good or evil. Nobody complains about the right director\’s cut anymore than they complain about Robin Williams improv during \”Good Morning, Vietnam\”.

Chris August 31, 2006 at 12:30 pm

Alex, Thank you for your comments :) I sure am doing what I can. Ogre Cave has a very industry heavy bent to it to match the style of commentary on the website. I am sure some of that will spill out over here, along with the gaming theory and ravings. I agree with the fact that I am in a interesting/unique position and I don’t want to waste it. The nice thing is that we have seen our podcast over at OC make a difference for some people…and I am hoping we can do the same here. So, again thanks…we will keep on keepin’ on.

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