Episode 37

by Brian on September 5, 2008

Chris Hanrahan and Chris Ruggerio sit down to discuss their trip to Gencon 2008. The show swings a little wide at times (then again, when doesn’t it) and you get to hear about all manners of food, gaming, hatred of United Airlines, people we met and Battletech (sweet, sweet Battletech.)

Liner Notes[0:37] Intros! We Went to gencon, and yeah…United Sucks.
[5:15] A first timers perspective from Chris R, with a helpful smattering of second timers perspective from Chris H
[11:25] Miniatures at Gencon – Everything from Battletech to ZombieSmith’s Quar.
[19:25] Two fanboys rave about Catalyst Game Labs
[22:00] The Big Battletech Secret
[26:15] Boardgames! We get into Memoir ’44, Battlelore, and maybe even some other stuff. (We love Memoir though)
[30:15] I forgot the damn Fluxx, United Sucks and Fantasy Flight Games
[34:40] Back to Ticket to Ride
[35:30] Asmodee, WTF, seriously?
[39:20] Role-Playing with even more Fanboy love.
[45:30] Video Games Live and a general catch-all for things we forgot.
[50:00] Final wrap up (lies!) Congrats to Paul, Hal and Michelle! And a general HUZZAH for podcasting at Gencon.
[54:04] World of Warcraft CMG and a bit of nonsense about collectible games in general.
[57:30] Done for reals.

Green Ronin
Catalyst Game Labs
Formula D
Zombie Pandemic
This Just in From Gencon
Thanks to our hosts for both the Podcast AND the Aggressive Hospitality Suite: Gamers with Jobs

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Bruce Harlick September 8, 2008 at 3:24 pm

So back when GenCon used to be in Milwaukee, I dreaded flying United. It seemed like they would all screw us over by messing with the connector flight from Chicago to Milwaukee. Once, they put us on a friggin’ BUS! Every year, they would fuck over our schedule and make set up for Hero Games that much harder.

I hate United.

Bruce Baugh September 9, 2008 at 1:23 am

About the spectator…there were folks like that doing zines in Alarums & Excursions and The Wild Hunt in 1977, and some had been at it a while. I remember one of them explaining that for him, rpgs were basically a catalyst for daydreaming. The type is sometimes more visible than others – certainly good networking brings it out, so there was a wave of it in the mid-1980s with communities on mailing lists and CompuServe and GEnie and FidoNet and such, and then a few years later on Usenet, and so on.

Joe September 10, 2008 at 2:09 pm

As far as Chris’ comments on GenCon not feeling like a big miniature con, I think it has a lot to do with travel arrangements and the hassle to transport miniatures. If you have to get on a plane to go to the con, its very likely that you’re not gonna bring a whole bunch on minis with you (unless you’re going for that express reason).

Daniel M. Perez September 11, 2008 at 10:32 am

It was a great pleasure getting to see you again at Gen Con, Chris (H). And once again, thanks for making that panel on Podcasting & The Gaming Industry such an informative and enjoyable experience for me as a host and for the audience.

Also thanks for reminding me to send Chris Pramas an email about recording an episode about Ropecon in Finland. That would be perfect for The Gamer Traveler. :-)

Take care.

Ben Balestra September 11, 2008 at 5:16 pm

Sorry I missed you guys, I was at the Podcasting & The Gaming Industry seminar (I came in about 10 minutes late, with a large blue box and left about 15 early, to run a mini game).

As per your comments about the last of unique mini games, I ran two. Junk and Mekton. Junk is Red Neck mecha game, which I ran with home made minis, and Mekton is an old RTG game.

You also talked about the large scale BSG game, that was ran by a group called the M-Collective, they run games at Gencon and Penta Con, and specialise in a number of mini games, everything from Ground Zero Games, as well as some Warhammer, Orger and a few others.

mike September 16, 2008 at 11:42 am

I was the spectator. It was great meeting you guys. Chris H hid any ailments very well. If anything, he only looked like he had spent all weekend at a giant convention. I’m still spectating, but I’m signed up for MACE in High Point, NC in November. I’m hoping to actually throw some dice there.

And Bruce makes a good point. Reading a game book provides a world in which I can daydream, where a novel might leave less to the imagination. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I just don’t have a large enough pool of friends / associates from which to establish a solid gaming group. I need to stop moving I guess.

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