Episode 45

by Chris on June 19, 2009

01:37 — Brian discusses being on Ron and Veronica’s The Game’s the Thing podcast while at RandomCon.
Once again, we return to the Brian and Chris show! Thanks to David Steiger for the awesome liner notes!

06:55 — Brian’s experience at RandomCon.
09:07 — Brian played Savage Worlds twice, one was the Runepunk setting.
09:55 — Met one of the artists behind http://www.facebook.com/l/;MonsterCommute.com a funny steampunk comic.
10:10 — Met Eric Torres, producer and an artist of the just released Iconica, a strategy battle card game, with epic fantasy vector art.
11:35 — So RandomCon was a fun first-con experience for Brian and others because they focused on gaming.
12:12 — Chris says the benefit of small cons is the lack of distractions from actual gaming, such as at Gencon. But likes Origins.
13:20 — The EndGame Minicons: “White Hot Super-Nova Fun”(TM) … But no guarantees!
14:00 — Brian forgot how fun Savage Worlds is. Chris says it sells but wishes it got played more at the store. Hint hint Minicon GMs!
14:39 — Mention of the release of Ken Hite’s new Savage Worlds setting, The Day After Ragnarok.
15:04 — Chris talks about working with Fred Hicks on rebooting Fred’s podcast That’s How We Roll, with a retailer/publisher slant.
15:29 — Talk of PDF models, and how Rogue Games’ Richard Iorio and James Maliszewski (Grognardia blogger) jumped onto Evil Hat’s “Buy a Hardcopy, Get a Free PDF” model.
16:30 — Sad departure of Aaron and a big Endgame Anniversary party on August 1st. Big secret swag promised!
18:05 — Chris Ruggerio coming on as a full-time owner.
19:00 — Brian and Chris reminisce about Aaron and the good old days.
21:35 — Good Omens Minicon coming July 18th (as a canned food drive), with a lottery system Chris doesn’t quite understand.
23:29 — Chris perceived a Kublacon decline in sales/attendance in the bad economy. Leads into some unnamed cons (not Kublacon!) and less-than-stellar customer service and less-than-stellar customers.
28:25 — Brian says if someone really helps you out positively at a con, TELL somebody.
32:18 — Chris gives some love to Dundracon as a vendor, saying the free vendor breakfast is a nice touch. Podcast then derails further, involving a sushi chef, no less.
34:43 — Chris talks about running the heck out of D&D and GM prep work process. His well-oiled preparation machine now only takes about 15min prep for four hours of gaming, saying premade tools are a big time saver.

47:45 — Swords and Wizardry by Mythmere Games: Brian reviews the hardcover “Zero-Ed” retro-clone RPG. Chris mentions Lulu’s production quality is better.
50:15 — The game’s interesting 3rd party publishing license.
51:22 — Swords and Wizardry Monster Book: Brian reviews the hardcover fan/community effort.
53:13 — Knockspell #2: Brian reviews an 86 page fanzine also by Mythmere Games about old school fantasy gaming.
55:26 — Fight On: a similar fanzine, now up to issue #5.
57:03 — Reminder Swords and Wizardry is in print but not distribution, but there might be copies at GenCon. A mention that retro-clone Labyrinth Lord is in distribution. Also, OSRIC, an AD&D 1st Ed clone, is now in print via Lulu.
58:00 — Spellcraft and Swordplay by Elf Lair Games (Jason Bays): Brian reviews another “old school” retro-clone RPG, this based on Chainmail.

04:28 — Talk about the lively underground “old school” gaming community. Mention of new edition of Microlite 74.
08:35 — On board games, Chris mentions the Space Alert just came in and Dominion is getting an expansion at Origins and in stores in July.
08:54 — The RPG “Penny for Your Thoughts” by Paul Tevis is coming soon. Paul will be at the July 18th Minicon for signing.
10:27 — Mention that Chris Hanrahan and EndGame Oakland are on http://twitter.com.


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Asylos June 29, 2009 at 3:06 am

This episode isn’t showing up in Itunes.

Brian June 29, 2009 at 7:24 pm

It seems we were having some weird problem where it wasn’t showing up in iTunes. I just checked, did an iTunes refresh on podcasts, and it’s finding Ep 45.

Asylos June 30, 2009 at 3:39 am

Many thanks, it downloaded fine this morning.

Asylos June 30, 2009 at 9:00 am

Enjoyed the episode. You’ve got some good ideas for organizing for DnD. Liked hearing about the Cons as well, since I never get to any :)

Any chance I could grab the two of you via skype for an interview when my podcast is up and recording? 😀

Ken July 16, 2009 at 6:38 pm

Hey there,

I really enjoyed the episode (as usual).

Chris said there were too many “distractions” at Gencon. I’m not sure I understand. Could you give some examples of distractions? What were you being distracted from?


Mark July 17, 2009 at 12:18 pm

I can’t speak for Chris, but I know that my own experience with my one visit to GenCon was that there was simply too much to do and to take in, strange as it sounds!

Every time I had decided on a course of action, some other event or activity presented itself as an attractive alternative. Or I would find out after participating in an event that something else had been going on that sounded equally as fun, and I would be bummed that I had missed it.

Therefore, I spent most of the weekend in a state of analysis paralysis, with my default being wandering the dealer’s hall, or in the evening wandering between the game rooms.

That being said, I saw many people who had no lack of laser-like focus and who never seemed to leave the room dedicated to their game of choice for the entire weekend!

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