Episode 7 – Part 1

by Brian on November 5, 2006

We talk games, industry and more with Chris Pramas, Gaming Luminary and Owner of Green Ronin Publishing. In the first part of a two-part episode, we talk a little food, a lot of historical roleplay, and take a jaunt into the realm of roleplaying shopping.

Liner Notes and Link

Introductions [0:38]
Good Eatin’ [1:14]
Historical Roleplay [2:04]
WWII Roleplay [17:54]
Roleplaying Shopping [22:00]


Green Ronin Publishing

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Daniel M. Perez November 9, 2006 at 8:19 am

Great show, guys. The interview was very informative, mainly because it just feels like a bunch of guys talking and the flow is very natural. I especially liked the discussion on historical roleplaying, as it is one of my favorite genres as well. As a fan I have to give many thanks to GR for having taken the chance to put out their Mythic Vistas books since they are some of the best historical gaming books I have seen, especially Testament, my all-time favorite campaign book. It’s a shame that this line has not sold well for GR, because I think some of their best design is in there. For my part, as a publisher, I am doing a little to help spread the love.

My company, Highmoon Media Productions, took GR’s offer to support the Mythic Vistas line and we have published two supplements so far: No Other Gods – An Adventure for Testament is a low-level adventure meant to transition players from regular fantasy games into the Biblical lands, and Targum Magazine, a periodical set to support Testament and all Ancient World campaign settings. Issue 1 is already out with articles by Testament author Scott Bennie and editor Spike Y Jones among others, and as of issue 2 (coming out in Dec.) we will also be supporting Trojan War and Eternal Rome, the complete Ancient World trifecta Chris mentioned. Sales have been steady and we hope new support will bring more people into these fantastic games.

Looking forward to Part 2 (on the commute home this afternoon). Keep up the great work you are doing with 2d6 Feet. It quickly shot to the top of my podcasting pile.

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