Live from Gencon!

by Chris on August 10, 2006

Well, I think I am alive. Some fun things, in no particular order of fun:

  • I played the demo of Pieces of Eight at the Atlas games booth. When this game hits your local retail stores, I say run down and grab up a copy. The feel of the coins in your hand alone is awesome, and game play feels solid, but light. Mike and I each bought a starter. We may even play.
  • The Forge booth is buzzing. And Burning Empires is a impressive as I imagined. I have a date to meet up with Brennan to pick up stuff for the store … if there is anything left.
  • Longest line of the day: Privateer Press booth, where they had fricking a million new things on sale.
  • I got my copy of CBT Total War. The production quality is very nice, and I owe it a serious, serious read-through.
  • 4 people have stopped me asking me “If I am with the Ogrecave Podcast.” Thanks to you who did, I was a little stunned and very flattered.

There is soooo much more. I will send Brian some photos and have more news when I can.


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