About the Show

2d6 Feet in a Random Direction is a podcast about games – roleplaying, miniatures, and board games – and related topics like culture and community.  The show has been in regular production since its launch in July of 2006.

You can email the hosts at podcast@2d6feet.com – we love to hear from our listeners.

About the Hosts

Chris Hanrahan is the owner of Endgame, in Oakland, California, and has been in the games retailing business for more years than he cares to remember. Chris has been playing roleplaying games since he was introduced to them in the 3rd grade.

Brian Isikoff is a technology procurement manager by day, and a writer in at least his remaining time. Brian has been running roleplaying games since he was introduced to them in the 4th grade.

You can generally find Finn Kisch, our Sound Engineer, lurking in his studio in El Cerrito, CA, where he paints miniatures, designs things, composes things, and records things. He occasionally ventures out to play WARMACHINE at EndGame and various RPGs at his friends’ houses. Finn is both handsome and opinionated.

Adam Jury is our web guru and site host, in addition to being a swell, all-around guy and design maven.


We use Apple’s Garageband on a a variety of Apple computers to prepare and edit the podcast. We record on a variety of portable MP3 recorders, iPads, iPods and otherwise.  Episodes are mastered by one host or the other – currently, Brian is doing the heavy lifting.

The podcast is hosted with a feed out to iTunes Music Store. The blog uses WordPress, Thesis, Feedburner.com and PodPress. Our files are hosted by the folks at Gamers with Jobs.

Our theme song was written and performed by Finn Kisch and recorded and mixed on a MacBook using a Yamaha 01X board, Digital Performer 5.1 and Reason 3.