Episode 44 – Part B

by Chris on May 27, 2009

Here we are. The second part of Episode 44, and a WHOLE lotta madness.

We wanna thank David Steiger once again for some SUPEr spiff liner notes!

01:47 — Brian reviews Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies by Chad Underkoffler.
19:14 — Brian reviews another PDQ game, Jaws of the Six Sepents by Tim Gray.
22:33 — Chris R talks about playing Mouseguard for the first time.
26:01 — Chris R discusses playing an ongoing Godlike campaign, and GM Mike Montessa’s insane preparedness.
32:58 — Chris screams “WHOAAAAAA!” loudly.
33:03 — Godlike discussion continues.
36:07 — Chris talks about running and playing lots of D&D4e, mentioning his 5yr old son’s character “Hitterman”.
38:18 — The Eberron setting is coming out for D&D4e in June-August, a Players Guide and a Campaign Guide.
38:47 — Chris played the War of the Ring miniatures game.
41:48 — Chris played Dominion, mentioning a full-set expansion coming in June.
42:28 — Brian mentions played a game of Wild Talents at the Endgame Minicon.
42:34 — Brian and Chris realize they didn’t do a recorded Minicon episode.
43:16 — Talk about the March Minicon.
43:53 — Mention of Paul Tevis and his upcoming Penny For Your Thoughts game.
44:16 — Next Minicon is July 18th, run by the Good Omens guys as a food drive.
45:26 — Chris and Chris R are going to Origins.
46:00 — Brian is off to Randomcon, a new con in Pheonix.
46:32 — He signed up for Hellfrost using Savage Worlds.
46:42 — Brian explains how Randomcon’s online registration beats all other major regional cons in the Bay area.


Swashbuckers of the Seven Skies — Atomic Sock Monkey / Evil Hat
Jaws of the Six Sepents — Silver Branch Games
Mouse Guard — Burning Wheel
Godlike — Arc Dream Publishing
Dungeons & Dragons 4e — Wizards of the Coast
Eberron D&D campaign setting — Wizards of the Coast
War of the Ring miniatures game — Games Workshop
Dominion — Rio Grande Games
Wild Talents — Arc Dream Publishing
Good Omens
Origins Game Fair
RandomCon 2009
Hellfrost — Triple Ace Games
Savage Worlds — Pinnacle Entetainment Group

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Valandil May 28, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Brian sold me on S7S.
I was on the fence, given my fanatical love of Fate3 and not having any exposure to PDQ.
But this game does sound groovy.

Grimur May 29, 2009 at 12:46 pm

S7S is an amazing game. There is a little bit that takes some figuring out, but I have been insanely pleased with it. It’ll also hold me over till Dresden Files comes out (the other game I’m waiting for). And hey, Chad’s been cool in our few interactions, so give him money.

Steve Mortimer June 1, 2009 at 2:44 am

Hi guys, good to hear you back again, the discussion here has totally sold me on S7S. :)

Also in other Fate related news, Cubicle 7 over here in the UK have finally published the hardback of Starblazer Adventures. I hold here in my hands a 630 page hardback edition. Oh holy crap its a mighty tome and an impressive feat production.

Sean Nittner June 1, 2009 at 1:21 pm

Great review of S7S guys, I’m going to spread this around to anyone even remotely interested in the game.

I bumped into the guys during one of those Godlike games a few weeks back and it looked like everyone was having a blast. Any game where people are gloating about their epic character deaths is awesome in my book.

Many thanks for mentioning Good Omens Con and I couldn’t believe it, my name, MY NAME! I heard it pronounced correctly. I was shocked enough to have a “KHAAAAAAN” moment. Thanks Chris R for bringing that home.

One minor correction for the show notes I guess, the con is July 18th, not the 13th.

Chris June 1, 2009 at 1:56 pm

I have no idea why I have been retarded on that Date. That is all me. Sorry about that Sean, I have amended the show notes to reflect the correct date.

And yes, David is AWESOME on the notes :)

jdac June 2, 2009 at 11:14 am

Man, I’m still back in episode 14 (doing a drop-what-you-are-doing crawl through your content) and I can’t wait to hear this.

Brian, speaking of ep 14, how is your raygun-gothic/retro-scifi FATE hack going? I was toying with one myself (called it “Thrusters Alight!”) but if you’ve got one I may just use that and focus on the rest of my ragtag fugitive fleet of FATE hacks.

Of course, I may just have to retcon that one into a Savage Worlds riff…


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