Episode 48

by Brian on November 10, 2009

We’re back with Chris and Brian chatting some general gaming news and a couple of reviews.  Discussion covers “everything’s coming up Cthulhu“, new books out on the market – including Rogue Trader rpg, Our Ladies of SorrowCouncil of Thieves: the Sixfold Trial, and Pathfinder – and reviews of Chronica Feudalis and Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions.

Hosts: Chris Hanrahan and Brian Isikoff.

New Web Site Thanks

1:16 – Thanks go out to Adam Jury on the new web site.
2:19 – Finn developed the 2d6 Feet logo a couple years ago.

The Stars Are Right for Cthulhu Gaming

2:50 – Brian mentions how there are a lot of new Cthulhu-related materials out now.
5:36 – Brian picked up the Our “Ladies of Sorrow” Call of Cthulhu supplement.
6:07 – *SPOILER ALERT* for Our “Ladies of Sorrow”.
6:21 – Spoiler End.
6:52 – Discussion of the benefits and issues with Cthulhu in a modern setting.
8:57 – Discussion of Realms of Cthulhu [for Savage Worlds], and how you toggle pulp/grittiness for physical and mental activities seperately.
10:00 – Discussion of the nature of Cthulhu adventures.
11:10 – Summarizing how now is the time for Cthulhu gaming, and discussion of the Chaosium license.

Other New Unread Products

14:40 – Brian lists the stack of books he needs to read through: Rogue Trader, Eclipse Phase, Karatis, City of Thieves [for Earthdawn], and Vox.
16:24 – Talk of Mist Robed Gate, its knife, and its ritualized mechanics.

Pathfinder Products

17:50 – Discussion of the adventure “Council of Thieves” [for Pathfinder] where the characters are involved in a theatrical play.
22:33 – Discussion of the look of the Pathfinder core rules.
24:10 – First impressions while flipping through the Pathfinder Bestiary.
25:40 – Chris thinks there’s so many fantasy options today, you just have to pick one and stick with it.
26:05 – Brian gives some praise for the Bestiary, then general discussion of Pathfinder.

Brian Reviews: Chronica Feudalis RPG

28:35 – Chronica Feudalis takes place in an non-magical imagined Medieval Europe. Brian gives basic book details.
29:35 – Brian worried that the in-character presentation would be a barrier, but it was unfounded.
33:15 – Brian describes the system (resembling a combination of Fate, Dogs in the Vineyard and other systems).
37:22 – Aspects, and the new “Endure” Aspect action.
39:00 – The wound system.
40:14 – Gives several political backdrops.
41:04 – Brian really likes the system.
41:56 – Discussion of using it in other settings (including Harn and Ars Magica), and dealing with superhuman/magic issues.
43:00 – Magic issues lead back into Aspect discussion.
44:55 – Brian gives his final opinions on the book.

BBQ and Foodie Fans Derail

46:30 – The guys talk barbeque and Chris Bennett for a bit.

Brian Reviews: “Foundation Transmissions”, supplement for the Thousand Suns RPG

47:59 – Thousand Suns is a sci-fi game written by James Maliszewski who also runs the blog Grognardia.
49:03 – Digression into the Traveller conceit that the PCs are aging dudes.
50:04 – Brian briefly talks about “Transmissions from Piper” then on to “Foundation Transmissions”.
51:55 – Brian covers each chapter of the Table of Contents.
54:52 – Brian gives his final opinions on the book.

Board Games

57:41 – Chris mentions Essen is in swing and board gamers should check out http://boardgamegeek.com and board game podcasts for info on the latest news (Stronghold and Dungeonlord are getting buzz)

Episode 50?

58:40 – The guys consider how to properly handle their upcoming 50th podcast.


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Dungeon Lords board game | http://www.zmangames.com/

Endgame Minicon | http://endgameoakland.com/minicon/
Chris Hanrahan on Twitter | http://twitter.com/chrishanrahan
Endgame Oakland on Twitter | http://twitter.com/EndGameOakland

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Jeremy Keller November 11, 2009 at 8:00 am

Hey guys, thanks for reviewing Chronica Feudalis. You now have me considering a theme-restaurant based supplement.

Stacey November 12, 2009 at 8:45 am

So, if one were to combine Mist Robed Gate and Chronica Feudalis’ forthcoming Medieval Times supplement, would there be a turkey leg on the table?

jgf November 16, 2009 at 4:09 pm

Good stuff, thought the audio was a little quiet and noticed the copyright was 2006 at the end of the podcast.

Michael Blair January 8, 2010 at 11:38 am

We now have a Yahoo Group for Chronica Feudalis (with JK’s blessing). The homepage is:

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