Episode 5

by Brian on September 27, 2006

We’re a full hand old! In Episode 5, we revisit “Consider Yes”, talk about campaign and adventure repetition, chat about Dreamblade, and throw in a review of Primetime Adventures.

Liner Notes & Links

Introduction [0:39]
Shout-Outs and Thanks [1:07]
Consider Yes, Revisted [2:30]
Review: Primetime Adventures [16:00]
Talkin’ about Dreamblade [29:17]
Wrap-up and Good Night [38:12]

Unknown Armies
Three Days to Kill
A Gift of Earth
Primetime Adventures

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Mr. Mean October 22, 2006 at 11:42 am

Bri the pods keep getting better and better! Keep up the great work. All you guys are doing a great job.

Also how about a little piece on the cost of gaming!? I just saw that BI is releasing WH40K RPG for 50.00 USD!!!! and the GM screen for 20.00 and from the website it appears that it is just a screen nothing else!

Anyhoo keep podding!

Mr. Mean

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