Episode 62

August 2, 2013

We’re back: two hosts and two six siders. Chris and Brian sit down with a laptop and 21 year old scotch and talk a mess of gaming, including FATE / FAE, EABA 2, Monster Hunters Int’l, Ancients wargaming, community music events and much more. Huzzah! Recorded 8/1/13.

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Episode 61

April 18, 2013

We’re back, creaky (and solo for this one). Brian emerges from the cave to drink scotch and ramble about Dead of Winter, Fate Con EndGame, Big Bad Con, and recent experiences in Magic World, Harn and Slumbering Tsar.Recorded 4/18/2013.

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Lost Episode 60

October 30, 2011

Many bothans died to recover this episode. Why, I’ll never know — but it might be for the Dead of Winter discussion, Karen Twelve’s psycho-horror adventure breakdown, or some of the other topics long forgotten. Happy Halloween (and, apparently, data recovery day)!

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