Episode 56

October 4, 2010

Chris and Brian talk with guest Fred Hicks, of the Evil Hat, about the upcoming, just announced supplement for the Dresden Files rpg – Rumors from the Paranet. Get your first glimpse … er, listen at what’s up with the upcoming book. We also chat some Bricks and Mortar, and follow-up with discussion and review-ishness […]

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Episode 55

September 29, 2010

Single malt scotch in glass, Brian returns with guest Ryan “Flasking” Macklin to discuss the GM side of the EndGame Iron GM competition. Find out what was really going on behind the steely, unflinching gazes of the GMs during the pressure of competition.

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Episode 54

September 16, 2010

Double tap! We return, with Chris waxing romantic about PAX and PAX Enforcers and big game money, and discussion of Castle Ravenloft and the D&D Essentials line.

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